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- A simple Peak at How Koreans Celebrate Seollal ・/b> - Seollal, Koreans・favorite holiday, is simply around the corner. Koreans usually celebrate two New Year痴: one on January 1st in accordance towards the solar calendar, and yet another depending on the lunar calendar, falling this coming year last month 14. During Seollal (Lunar New Year痴 Day), a lot of people get back to their hometowns to do ceremonial rites, paying their respect for their ancestors, so the day before and after Seollal may also be designated holidays. This season Seollal falls over a Sunday, making the vacation last from Feb 13 to 15. So how do Koreans spend their Seollal? Let痴 take a peek at Korea痴 Seollal, a busy but happy holiday.

Before Seollal

Purchase gifts at malls and markets!

Most individuals are very busy through the week leading up to Seollal. There is lots of shopping to complete to prepare for that ancestral rites and, because Seollal brings the rare occasion of all members of the family getting together in one location at the same time, many people undergo plenty of stressful preparation to really make the festivities operate correctly. Therefore, Seollal is probably the busiest seasons for shops and markets. Many people look for gifts to give to their parents and friends. Meat, fish, fruit, the Korean traditional snack 践angwa・ tteokguk (rice cake soup), and other types of wild vegetables are popular items because they are required within the ancestral rites. The foods prepared for this rite will need to have nice shapes and colors, and so they should be fresh. Most families spend typically ₩200,000~300,000 on food for Seollal. It's taken very seriously.

Another necessary the answer to follow in planning for Seollal is reserving train tickets. Many people travel concurrently mostly with their hometown provinces. Before and after Seollal, the highways are incredibly congested. Trains will be the preferred transportation method because they run on time and they could steer clear of the hectic holiday traffic. To have a seat, most people reserve their train tickets no less than per month beforehand. Obviously, those that opt to drive themselves know in advance what they are getting themselves into.

Rather than it utilizing the usual two hours to operate a vehicle from Seoul to Daejon, it will take 4 to 5 hours. The trip to Busan, which is four hours away, takes near to 8 hours during Seollal. All r / c broadcast special live traffic updates as a result of massive migration of people. As a result of serious traffic problems, parents who reside in smaller provinces are choosing to come to their children痴 home in Seoul to permit their children avoid this congestion chaos.

Exactly what are a few of Seollal痴 most favored gifts?
Seollal gifts rely on the economy and trend of that year. Gifts with unwavering popularity are mall gift cards and funds. Many adults also love receiving ginseng, honey, and other health products, or massage treatments. Toiletry gift sets are also popular gift items and will include products including shampoo, soap, and toothpaste. Other popular gift sets include food sets of ham, tuna, Korea痴 traditional snack 践angwa・ dried fish or fruit baskets.

Seollal Day
Perform ancestral rites and play traditional Korean games with loved ones!

The previous day Seollal, family members gather together to prepare the holiday food. The dishes necessary for the ancestral rites should be prepared with care, built to be taste good and appear good. Seollal痴 most significant meals are tteokguk, but 20 other dishes for example wild vegetables, Korean style pancakes, different types of fish, galbijjim (rib stew), japchae (noodles with meat and vegetables), plus more are also specially prepared in order to perform the ancestral rites. In order to smoke this all food requires extended stays at work, and this reality has taken about the expression 蘇oliday syndrome・ Unlike a mans members of the family, the women work all day long preparing holiday food. Needing to do this every year, every holidays, ladies have been showing symptoms such as headaches, backaches, and other physical pains when the holidays plainly.

Gaining considerable popularity, is the opinion that holidays needs to be even more family-oriented. Accordingly, some people are dividing the responsibilities for food preparations within their families, asking each individual to take a dish to share with you. Shops are increasingly offering holiday-cooking services, where one can purchase ready-made food. If you order beforehand, your holiday dishes may be sent to your property at the time of Seollal or even the previous day the actual holiday. Prices range between ₩200,000 and ₩300,000. Naturally, young housewives prefer a reverse phone lookup if they'd like to afford it as opposed to doing the majority of the cooking themselves.

About the morning of Seollal, people get up early to clean and put on their 全eolbim (new clothes ready for Seollal)・ Lots of people wear Hanboks. Then the families gather to do ancestral rites, paying their respects by providing food. According to Korean traditions, it's believed that ancestors come back to benefit from the holiday food prepared for them. An ancestral tablet is positioned on the rites table in addition to all the dishes and drinks. This can be to show appreciation and respect for late ancestors. The ancestral rites also symbolize the descendants・prayers to get a good new year.

After the rites happen to be performed, everyone shares the break food together. Tteokguk, made of thinly sliced tteok (rice cakes) cooked in beef soup, can be found on all Seollal tables, without exception. Based on tradition, eating tteokguk on Seollal adds twelve months to your age. Therefore, the kids ask one another 蘇ow many servings of tteokguk did you have?・and they calculate their age based on the variety of serving that they had just for fun.
After finishing their meal, younger generations pay their respects for the elders from the family by bowing to them. The elders offer well-wishing remarks including 蘇ave a proper year・or 僧eet someone nice・as they provide -  the teenagers 鮮ew Year痴 money・ Children especially like Seollal since they will get money being a New Year痴 gift. Lately, progressively more Christian families are choosing to not perform the ancestral rites because of their religious beliefs. Instead, their loved ones members gather to talk about food and stories, and spend quality family time duringSeollal.

How can you have some fun on Seollal Day?

Following the ancestral rites ceremony is finished, the family members play traditional games for entertainment. The most typical game is yut try this out - nori. It is a fun and easy-to-learn game that needs a certain amount of teamwork. Players sometimes make bets with extra money using their 鮮ew Year痴 money・they received. Some families order pizza or chicken following your games.
賎ostop,・which uses flower cards and boardgames will also be popular Seollal games. Though flower cards will be more complicated to experience than yut nori, it's nonetheless popular despite having adults. Once you begin a game title of flower cards, hours race by right away at all. Children enjoy playing boardgames like Jenga.

If you want to play folk games for example jegichagi, neoltwiggi, tuho, or kite flying, be sure to check out a nearby palace or park. The palaces and parks equip themselves with folk games for website visitors to enjoy. Also, many families see a film, making Seollal a busy season for the cinemas.

After Seollal

Coming to the inlaws

After performing the standard Seollal activities at one痴 husband痴 parents・home, families go to the wife痴 parents・home afterwards. It has become a broad practice to go to both in-laws during Seollal, and also to pay their respects, in equal measure, at both homes.

I壇 Like to Know! This season has been said is the Year from the Tiger, Could it be True?

With the approach of lunar New Year痴 Day, every Korean becomes increasingly interested in being aware what sign they may be and also the guardian animal of the season. There is a Korean tradition that people do fortune telling for that New Year in terms of the zodiac animal. Also, people can tell characteristics and destinies of babies born around of specific animal. It is true that nowadays this type of tradition is finished, yet folks are still considering the sign to keep things interesting.
The year of 2010 is called 賎yeonginnyeon,・the year of the Tiger. Oahu is the third animal one of the 12 zodiac signs. It symbolizes faithfulness and justice. It is stated that the tiger is proactive at the office and is very charismatic. People born in of tiger are gifted using a strong a feeling of justice, a strong mind, and keenness. Additionally, if they act virtuously, they are well-liked and often become leaders.

Plus Tip- I would like to travel Korea during the Seollal Holidays!

It's very quiet in Seoul during the Seollal Holiday because most families leave Seoul to visit their relatives inside their respective hometowns and several shops and restaurants close for your holidays. The town feels somewhat deserted at the moment of year.
Palaces, parks and theme parks are the busiest places during Seollal. They provide various traditional games and events to visitors like a great method of entertainment. However, if you wanted to see the provincial areas during this period, you might like to consider switching your schedule. Buses and trains are crowded and visitors are pretty heavy. A quiet relaxing tour of Seoul is recommended if you are planning to visit Korea during Seollal.

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