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Article Reprint

Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg, VA, Sep. 1, 2009 - Reprinted (in part) by permission.

By Bill Freehling

A Spotsylvania County woman is starting an online networking site to help people manage their groups, clubs or associations.

Lisa K. Pecunia, who lives in the Fox Point neighborhood with her husband, is in the early stages of launching She decribes herself as the company's "chief everything officer."

The idea behind Grouvia is to help organizers manage their groups by scheduling events, sharing photos, publishing newsletters and discussing various topics of interest. It will also help group members "connect with like-minded people in their communities."

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About the Author:

Bill Freehling is a business writer for The Free Lance-Star and keeps a local business blog at view?blogger_id=22. He can be reached at 540/374-5405 or