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News Release

Online Application for Local Group Management Grouvia Launches Pre-Release Alpha

Registration for easy-to-use tool for group organizers and members now open.

FREDERICKSBURG, VA, Aug. 27, 2009 - today announced it has opened pre-release registration for its local group management tool.

"We have big plans for quickly growing The first step in our strategy to empower local group organizers and members is to give them access before the public beta," said Lisa Pecunia, Founder and President, Avarra Solutions. " helps organizers better manage their groups and helps group members connect with like-minded people in their communities. We are very excited to let our users help define the features they will want and use when we launch later this year."

Grouvia's free online tool makes it easy for organizers and members to track and manage their local group, club or association activities for free. In less than 5 minutes, users can create a community of people who share their interests. With a feature set defined by its users, members can schedule events, upload and share photos, publish newsletters, participate in public or private discussions, and access the application on the Internet or via mobile device.

By registering for the pre-release alpha, users will be kept up to date on news and can participate in the development of

About Grouvia
Grouvia makes it easy for you to track your personal life. We help clubs, groups and associations manage and track their activities and their members. In less than 5 minutes, you can create a local community. Then, you can schedule events, upload and share photos, publish newsletters, and participate in public or private discussions about topics you care about. Simple and powerful, Grouvia gives you the tools you need to manage your personal and professional life in the real world. For more information or to create your own Grouvia group, visit

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