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Online Application for Local Group Management Grouvia Launches Alpha 1 Release

Users of free group organizer and member tool can now help design the final application.

FREDERICKSBURG, VA, Oct. 2, 2009 - today announced it has launched its Alpha 1 release for its local group management tool.

"This early access release is important to Grouvia because it allows registered users to interact with the site's features and provide feedback and comments. It assures our application responds directly to our users' wants and needs," said Lisa Pecunia, Founder and President, Avarra Solutions. "We're thrilled with the progress we've made and the feedback we continue to receive from our community. With each release, we move closer to creating the ultimate local group management tool."

The Alpha 1 release contains a preliminary subset of the tool's planned features including:

  • Member profiles,
  • Member personal settings and photo uploads,
  • Member privacy settings,
  • Grouvia messaging, and
  • Navigation.

By registering for the Alpha 1 release, users will be able to participate in the ongoing development of

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