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Create A Group in 5 Minutes

You can create your Grouvia group in less than 5 minutes. Grouvia lets you schedule events, upload and share photos and videos, publish newsletters and announcements, and start discussions. Promote, manage, engage and grow your group easily with Grouvia.

Are You Currently Managing a Group?

Create a Grouvia group in less than 5 minutes. Managing a group, club or association can be a full-time job. Grouvia makes it easy for you to manage your group, create announcements, send a newsletter and keep your group informed of activities and events. You can also customize your group pages to include information specific to your group, including photos and videos, and use external tools like PayPal to charge for events or membership dues.

You can get started with your new group now by signing up for the Grouvia newsletter and we'll let you know As soon as Grouvia is ready. If you sign up for the beta test, we'll even help you by entering your group's information for you!

Want to Get More From Your Personal Life?

With Grouvia, you can manage your group activities in three simple steps. Your life outside work can include group activities, club memberships and events. Sometimes, keeping track of your personal life feels like a job in and of itself. Grouvia is a tool that makes it easy to manage your life offline. It only takes 3 steps to get started:

  1. Search for your club or interests.
  2. Sign up for a Grouvia account.
  3. Join groups!

Once the group organizer confirms your membership, you’ll see upcoming events and invitations, and can manage your calendar and messages all from one page. Get started now.

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