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Q. How much does Grouvia cost?

A. Grouvia is free. That means you can manage and track all of your group, club or association activities without ever paying a fee. However, if you’d like to collect dues or charge members for an event, Grouvia works with, the most popular payment service online. Please note that currently only event fees are supported by Grouvia's PayPal link. To charge annual membership dues and to collect sponsorship donations online, please follow the instructions for "How do I put a PayPal link on my Group's Home Page?"

Q. What can I use Grouvia for?

A. Grouvia makes it easy for you to create a community for your club, group or association in less than 5 minutes. You can schedule events, upload and share photos, publish newsletters, make announcements, start discussions, collect dues and do everything you need to manage, engage and grow your community. If you find something Grouvia can’t do - at least in this release - let us know, we will consider it for the next version.

Q. What can I share on Grouvia?

A. You can share as much information as you want to about yourself, the events you participate in and the groups you belong to. If you’d like, you can share your personal interests publicly to the greater Grouvia community. Who knows, you may find a few other people share your interests on Grouvia. You can also keep your information private. Privacy is very important to us here at Grouvia, that’s why we’ve created privacy filters throughout the site.

Q. Who can use Grouvia?

A. Anyone who is over 13 and is – or wants to be – a member of or organizer for a group, club or association and wants to be part of a community. Members use Grouvia to keep track of their activities and find other groups to join. Organizers use Grouvia to manage their communities, share information, schedule events and communicate regularly with the members of their group.

Q. Why should I choose Grouvia?

A. It’d be easy to say, because Grouvia is free, but these days, that’s often not enough. Grouvia was designed to be your one-stop shop for organizing and managing your group's membership and activities. Grouvia is also easy to use, so easy in fact that you if you were a group organizer, you could set up a group in 5 minutes. Grouvia is dedicated to building a dynamic community of clubs, associations and organizations.

Q. How does Grouvia work?

A. Grouvia uses the latest and greatest technologies to make your group tracking and management experience the best on the web. But don’t take our word for it, create an account and log on, then you’ll see for yourself.

Q. How do I manage my Grouvia groups?

A. If you’re a member, Grouvia makes it easy for you to view upcoming events and invitations, manage your calendar and messages all from one page. If you’re an organizer, Grouvia makes it easy for you to manage your group page, create announcements, send a newsletter and let your group know what is going on. You can also customize your group pages to include photos and videos. Want to see how easy it is to use Grouvia? Click on over to our famous How To video.

Q. How many group members am I allowed?

A. There is no limit to the number of members you can have in your group. Grouvia is completely scalable. You can start with 1 member and grow to 10 million.

Q. If I already have a group or club site, can I still join Grouvia?

A. Absolutely. Grouvia makes it easy for you to transfer your group with our member import tool. If you don’t want to transfer your entire group over, try using Grouvia to organize an event or as a site that supports those activities your current member site doesn’t support. Then you’ll see how easy Grouvia really is.

Q. How easy is it for me to transfer my existing group membership roster to Grouvia?

A. Grouvia offers an easy-to-use member import tool that makes it easy for you to move your members to your new group site.

Q. Will Grouvia work for any kind of club or group?

A. Yes. Whether you have a group, club or association, a team, an institution, a band, crew, alliance, league or union, a consortium, syndicate, federation, conglomerate, cooperative, or partnership, you can use Grouvia to organize and better communicate with your members.

Q. How private is Grouvia?

A. Grouvia is extremely concerned about your privacy. That is why we developed a system that allows you to control who can see your profile page, what information is displayed on your profile page and group event pages, and how you appear in search results. Want more information? Check our Privacy Policy.

Q. If my group starts using Grouvia, will we be able to have our own domain like

A. Yes. Just do a “domain forward” of your existing domain to your unique Grouvia URL. The instructions to do this are here: If you don't have your own domain, your custom Grouvia domain will be

Q. How much can I charge my members?

A. Grouvia allows you to create your own groups. Since it's your group, you can charge your members whatever you like. Grouvia provides the framework to support your community and its business.

Q. How do I put a PayPal link on my Group's Home Page?

A. To charge for an event, you can use Grouvia's built-in PayPal support by selecting PayPal as the payment type for your event. To collect membership dues or sponsorship donations from your site, you can create a link on any custom HTML page using the Custom Group Page feature. Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Create a custom page for your group site, with a page type of HTML.
  2. Follow the instructions on the PayPal web site under the section called "Accept Donations." This will create a code snippet for you to use.
  3. In the text box for your HTML custom page, copy and paste the PayPal code snippet where you want the PayPal link to appear.

When a user clicks on that link and sends you money, PayPal will deposit the money into your PayPal account.

Q. Can I use this as my mailing list manager?

A. Grouvia is primarily a social network that let’s you organize, manage and track your group's membership and activities. One of its key features is the ability to communicate with group members. So, you can definitely send email messages to your group members. [Grouvia will manage the undeliverable and unsubscribe requests for you.]

Q. Can I send broadcast messages to the groups I belong to?

A. Group organizers can send broadcast message to members of their group. Group organizers can also choose whether to allow other group members to send broadcast messages to the group. In addition, members can start message board topics and participate in discussions started by other group members. However, a group's organizer can also ban members from posting to message boards and sending broadcast messages if the member's postings or messages are inappropriate.

Q. Can I assign other members as co-organizers of my group?

A. Yes, as a group organizer you may promote any of your group's members to co-organizer status. They will have the same access you (the primary organizer) have, with the exception of managing other organizers' permissions or status.

Q. I didn't get the registration verification email. What should I do now?

A. If you don't receive a verification email from Grouvia please check all your email inboxes including Spam inboxes. Sometimes automatically generated emails can be flagged as Spam. If you still can't find it, please contact support.

Q. Can I customize what my group home page looks like?

A. Grouvia allows a group organizer to upload your own group photo and group banner/logo to your group's site The banner will display on all your group's pages, and the group photo will display on the group's home page. A thumbnail size version of your group's photo will also be used as an identifier for event listings and announcements shown on your members' home pages.

Q. Do you collect dues and event payments for groups?

A. No. Grouvia is totally free to use. If you need to collect dues or have your members pay for your events, Grouvia makes that easy by supporting payments using PayPal, the most popular payment service on the internet.

Q. Do you support anything else besides PayPal?

A. Not at this time. However, we are looking into other payment partnerships. If you have suggestions for others please let us know.

Q. Is this something I buy and install on my server?

A. No. Grouvia is a web-hosted solution. Whether you are a group organizer or a member, you benefit from a Grouvia subscription because our product development is ongoing. We are constantly upgrading and maintaining our service based on the needs and requests of our users.

Q. Can I buy this solution to host on my own server?

A. No. Grouvia is fully hosted. You just need an internet connection and a browser to access it.

Q. Where can I find out more about Grouvia?

A. Spend some time on Grouvia and you’ll not only get to know us, but you’ll want to use us for your group. Want to watch Grouvia in Action? Click here for the “How It Works” page where you can watch several demos. If you still need additional information, contact and we will get back to you within two business days.

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