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Are You A Club Organizer?
Create a Grouvia community for your club, group or association in less than 5 minutes. Then, schedule events, upload and share photos and videos, publish newsletters and announcements, and start discussions.

The Grouvia Beta release is now available. We are hard at work putting some finishing touches on Grouvia's organizer features. Grouvia wants to become your best friend for managing and organizing your club's activities. Our final version will be available soon -- in the meantime here is a peek at some screenshots of the organizer features.

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Create Event with Date Chooser

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New Grouvia members can look forward to managing all their personal group activities all in one place and sharing them with your friends. Your family, church, social, and recreational activities are all supported by Grouvia with powerful privacy controls. Find new local groups to join with Grouvia, too!
Take a look at the member features, and then sign up for Grouvia to be start using the Grouvia Beta version.

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